Monday, 12 May 2014

The House is on Fire, all the family is out, and you can grab 5 more items. What are they?

Even as I’m writing this I’m thinking about how utterly unprepared I am if this were to happen and the house were to actually catch fire.  Probably because I’m one of those hopeless people that tends to bury her head in the sand rather than deal with anything remotely scarey or confronting.

I’m also assuming here that the pets are part of the family so of course Truffles the cat and Krypton the dog are already safe and well.

So, my top 5 things I would grab.  Of course photos, which actually also means I have to grab the computer because I still have so many photos on my computer that I haven’t sorted or saved to a disk or stick thingy.  Which means I have to take my phone too because that is also full of photos.  Oh dear, does that mean I’ve used up 3 of my 5 things already???

What about my Foxtel IQ box?  What if I miss the episodes of the Real Housewives of Melbourne or episodes of Revenge that I haven’t seen yet???

And of course I have to take my teddy bear.  Not because I have this weird fetish for soft toys but I’ve had this bear since the day I was born (no, I’m not going to say how old it is, let’s just say it’s bordering on antique though).

Hmmm, so that’s my 5 things.  That doesn’t sound very exciting at all really.

Now in reality, would they really be the 5 things I grab or would I just run around like a lunatic grabbing random things I can reach like the coffee machine – OMG, the coffee machine, I can’t leave that behind!!!!!!!!

Taking part in Clairey Hewitt’s blogging every day in May.

What would your Top 5 things be that you would grab.


  1. Oh you remind me of me - I'm also freaking out now because if we had a fire I'd have no idea where all important documents are, they aren't in the same place! And my computer was made by my husband, as a gaming computer so it's HUGE, heavy and wedged in between a filing cabinet. I also have not put all photos in the one spot, so iPads etc are all musts. I would grab the most expensive bottle of booze in the cabinet too, so as the house goes up in flames I can swig it and have a good old cry about it!

    1. YES!!!! The alcohol cabinet - how on earth could I forget to take that with me - that's just as important as my Foxtel IQ - after all, how can I watch the Real Housewives if I'm not drinking????

  2. I think this prompt has reminded a few of us that fire plans are not just for those that live in the bush. REality is, I am the lunatic running from the house too.