Saturday, 3 May 2014

That A-Ha Moment

Today it's all about changing tracks as part of our Blogging Every Day in May and for me it's an A-Ha moment.  Well not necessarily a moment, more like 2 hours - I think???

It's about recalling a song that evokes memories, not necessarily your favourite song (which of course in my mind is anything from The Boss), or even a good song apparently, but a song that evokes memories.

Well here it is folks......Take on Me by A-Ha.  Who?  You know, A-Ha that Norwegian band from the 80's that had that dreamy lead singer Morten.  

And why is this special for me?  Because it was the first time I was allowed to go to a concert with my besties all by myself, no parent....woo hoo.  I had of course been to a few concerts before, still trying to work out how I didn't physically die of boredom from Dire Straits, but they were always with my parents, A-Ha was different, I was with my girlfriends.

When you grew up in Adelaide as I did, you have to understand that we didn't have the big mega-stars come to visit us, but OMG if you were a fan of John Farnham, well he popped into town for a concert every second weekend.  

I still remember not speaking to my mum for at least a week because she wouldn't take me to Melbourne to see Wham.  Didn't she understand, it was George Michael!!!!  And they would have been dressed in fluro and singing Wake Me Up Before You Go Go!!!!!!

Anyway, I digress.  Take on Me was not necessarily my favourite song from my youth, but it was special because I actually got to see it performed live by Morten himself, swoon, and I knew all the words, and got to sing a long with my girlfriends and have a bloody good time.  So for me, that's a special moment, my first every concert with my mates.  

My eldest is now 13, and I took him and one of his brothers to see Pink last year.  He loved it.  But I know when he goes to that first concert with his mates, he'll love that even more.

What is your Changing Tracks song?




  1. Oh my goodness, I have to admit to being a HUGE a-ha fan - and that song is still one of my favourites - "so needless to say" I could listen to it back to back! I grew up in a small place in NZ and no bands came to where I lived, my first big concert was when I was 16, we drove up to see Pearl Jam in Auckland - OH MY GOODNESS, what a buzz :)

    1. Ah, those were the days. I used to get excited when anyone came to Adelaide - although I have to admit, Noiseworks were my fave live band at the time. I wanted to marry Jon Stevens.

  2. I actually can't remember my first concert-shame on me-I do remember this song though x

  3. My first concert was Nick Barker and the reptiles...I nearly went deaf!

    1. LOL - now that I think about it, I think my ears were ringing after A-Ha too