Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Say Hello to Circusmum - all the Way from London

As part of Digital Parents Blog Swap I had the opportunity to "meet" the lovely Tinuke and discover her blog.  Below is her post which I'm super excited to share with you all to give an insight into life living in London.

Hi my name is Tinuke, I'm 29 years old and have a five year old daughter called Princess.  Nope it's not her real name though I admit to having been tempted to add it to her birth certificate when we went to register her! My blog is called Circus Mums because I feel that when I started the blog some three years ago, I was trying to juggle so many different acts at once.  I was new to motherhood, trying to figure out my career path, trying to find time for friendships and socialising, trying to be a good partner and still trying to figure out my place in the world.  To be fair, most of those balls are still up in the air, three years on.

We live in London and try to make the most of the great, sprawling, historic city around us.  The juxtaposition of old whitewashed stone architecture with shiny, steel and glass modern buildings is breathtaking when you walk around the The West End, The City, The Docklands, or even through some urban areas.  We can spend ages in museums, being transported back in time, filling our daughter's head with new facts or fuelling her imagination, exploring art galleries or watching plays.

With all the buildings around, it may be surprising to know that we don't lack green spaces!  Princess loves park land and nature so we spend a lot of our time exploring local parks.  We're lucky enough to have some amazing, well maintained and extremely child friendly parks in North London which we visit regularly.  We also have amazing wet lands and the River Lee which forms the Lee Valley walk, runs within minutes of our home, so within a short car or bike ride, we can leave the hustle and bustle of A-roads and retail parks behind, replacing them with canal boats, locks and wild life.

Bringing up children in London, in my opinion, is really what you make it.  Yes it is an expensive city to live in, I read recently that the average house price in London has risen to £458,000 (AUD$826,000) which is a massive strain for the average family and also the reason why we'll probably rent for the forseeable future.  But there are so many activities which are either free or close to it!  The majority of museums and galleries are free to enter, as are shows and activities put on by local borough councils.  We keep an eye out for offers, buy food that is in season and we savvy with our spending (by we, I mean my partner, I am a compulsive shopper....)  We make it work and love where we live.

Please feel free to say hi and check out my lifestyle posts over on my blog, circusmums.com for a slice of my London living and a chance to delve into my world.  Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my quick take over of Purely4kids.

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