Saturday, 10 May 2014

My First Car - The Mitsubishi Colt

I think we all have a soft spot for our first car.  Mine was a little red Mitsubishi Colt.  I actually wanted a VW Beetle but my dad refused.  He insisted that the first corner I turned around I would roll it. Go figure.  Considering my parents were paying for the car I didn't really have much of a say, so the Mitsubishi Colt it was.

Dad bought it off a little old lady and it was pristine inside, a neat reliable car I remember him saying.  Of course it didn't really stay neat for very long once my girlfriends and I piled into it.  I remember lipstick melted in one of the little trays, a cigarette burn on the seat, Hungry Jacks wrappers on the floor, and random pairs of shoes......

I was still living in Adelaide at the time and it was the perfect little car to zip around the city in.  I just loved it. Of course there was no CD player or automatic windows, but I remember that it did have an air-conditioner and I thought that was so special :)

A little why later I moved up to Cairns in Far North QLD and believe it or not, my little colt came with me. I look back now and think how lucky I was.  Mum and dad decided to come up and help me settle in, and they drove that car all the way from Adelaide to Cairns.  I think it took them 4 days to get there!!!!

So my little colt then spent the next 3 years sunning itself in Far North Queensland.  It became home to the odd green tree frog, squished numerous cane toads - who doesn't love that "pop" sound they make (no hate mail please - trust me, if you lived amongst cane toads you would squish them with your car tyres too), and never skipped a beat the entire time.  Oh, well except for the time when my then boyfriend (now husband) put diesel in it instead of petrol and it spent the next hour bunny hopping up the highway, but lets not talk about that.

Yes - this is the one responsible for the Diesel incident

From FNQ with it's cane toads and crocodiles, it was time for the little Colt to head back to the big smoke and off to Sydney we went.  Considering it was getting on in years now I thought it best if I treated my pride and joy with an all expenses paid holiday - so onto the back of a car carrier it went and a few weeks later it arrived in Sydney safe and sound.

I have to admit, it was a little shell shocked when it first arrived.  Having dealt with the, let's say "casualness" of Cairns to then be thrown amongst the peak-hour nightmare of Sydney - there where many a time where my little Colt wanted to just pull off to the side of the road and have a little freak-out moment.

But it soon picked up the pace and was flying around Sydney with the best of them.  Unfortunately, it developed a rather antisocial behaviour of billowing thick black smoke out the back which used to cause me great embarrassment.  And so, after one fateful trip to the shopping centre (think large multi level car park during pre-Christmas shopping) and being unable to find a park, and then being unable to see due to excess amounts of billowing smoke we have the slightly embarrassing moment where a lovely security guard taps on my window and says "Hi, here, why don't you just park your car over here" right under the large no-parking, tow away area sign.  Hmmmm, time to say goodbye to the little Mitsubishi Colt that had served me so well.

So after much hugs and and a very teary goodbye, it was time to farewell my little Colt in favour of a Ford Falcon that my boyfriend thought was a much more suitable car........let's not go there.

Let me just say this - in case you were wondering what FORD stands for, it's either Found Off Road Dead, or Full Of Rust & Dirt.  But I digress, I've had a few cars since my little Colt, and none have ever served me as well, or travelled as far (the Ford Falcon and the Ford Territory of course couldn't because things kept dropping off them and they kept breaking down - damn it, there I go again on my anti-Ford rant).

Having some fun Blogging Every Day in May with Clairey Hewitt.  What was your first ever car?



  1. I had a FORD Laser once - after my first shared with my brother car.
    It was a bomb (the Hillman Hunter not the Laser ...I think they were almost identical to the COLT's for a while ...too bad my memory is so bad)

  2. My car was bought from a little old lady also and it was immaculate condition, thankfully the seats were vinyl so easy to clean - I also put diesel instead of petrol in my car but thankfully it was at home and dad funneled out before it could go through everything!

  3. I always wanted a VW Bettle too! A friend's sister just had one sitting in the garage, never driven! Your first car definitely got you some places!!

  4. I friend had an old Colt, she actually referred to it as another C word!

  5. Great story thank you very much for sharing. My first car was an old Tahoe and I still have really fond memories of it. It has taken me from A to B a lot of times without any hassle. Sadly I had to get rid of it as the gearbox was broken and it was worth more than the whole!

    Cedrick @ Viva Chrysler Dodge Jeep