Sunday, 4 May 2014

My Earliest Memory

It's possibly one of my earliest memories, and it's certainly one of my strongest.

It's memories of spending time with my beautiful grandmother.

It's memories of sleepovers during school holidays when I was young. Of sneaking into her room in the mornings and my grandpa bringing us breakfast in bed.

It's memories of butterfly cupcakes and lemon meringue pies.

It's memories of sitting up late watching the Don Lane Show and drinking cups of "tea" - mine was Milo.

It's memories of dressing up in clothes from a time long gone, of trying on jewellery and feeling like a princess.

It's memories of outings to the shops and being taken out for lunch.

It's some of the fondest memories I have.

Inspired by Clairey Hewitt and Blogging Every Day in May.

What is your earliest memory?


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  1. Grandma's are the best of sorts. Mine is 90 next week, blessed.