Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Come Fly with us at Sky Zone

Thanks to our wonderful friends over at Digital Parents, I have 20 FREE passes up for grabs to check out the brand new Sky Zone in Sydney from 1 to 3pm tomorrow  before it opens to the public. 

There’ll be trampolines, dodgeball, giant foam pits and a Peters Ice Cream Mash Up station. interested? 

Please RSVP via this form as soon as you can - numbers are limited.

Click the link below to the invite/RSVP form:


Friday, 11 April 2014

The Pitfalls of Menu Planning

I'm off on one of my "I'm going to get organised if it kills me" missions at the moment.  They tend to come and go around here, and can often be seen making fleeting visits when I'm at my most hysterical.

My little jaunt that I'm on at the moment is "Menu Planning".  Ah yes, the joys of spending hours and hours pouring over recipes from my mountain of cookbooks.  Trawling through the thousands of recipes on taste.com and lets not forget in my previous bouts of organisation hysteria all the recipes I've torn out of magazines over the years because one day I'm going to make that!!

This latest effort of mine has been on a role for a whole week now - woo hoo.  And yes, I do have to admit it has made life easier this last week.  I haven't had to stare blankly at the fridge each night waiting for something to magically transform itself into dinner.

I haven't been screaming at the kids that it's too late for fruit, books, baths - and no it's not my fault we ate dinner at 8pm because I'd just spent the last 2 hours trying to find something that I can transform into "dinner".

Oh, now I better pre-face this all with the fact that I am not, I repeat, NOT, one of those fancy pants people that can magically look in their fridge, freezer and pantry and make a 4 course meal out of a chicken breast fillet, a stick of celery and a cup of rice - never going to happen.  Yes, I am one of those people that must follow a recipe - and if it's not in the recipe then it doesn't get added.  And if it's the recipe, and I don't have it, well then the recipe can't possible be cooked.

Get the picture - understand my daily dinner dilemma now peoples??

Of course it's very easy for menu planning to be thrown off course in my house - hence the reason it's only been on track for a week and my past ventures at menu planning often fade after such time.  Let me list a few of the pitfalls it's best to avoid when menu-planning:

1. Remember to take the meat out the freezer

2. Remember to buy the meat in the first place

3. Remember to write down the list of ingredients you need - no point having a menu if you don't have the ingredients - yes I know it sounds simple but trust me - it throws me off every time

4. Remember that the groceries don't magically arrive in your house - you have to buy them first (even if you shop online) - again, no point having a menu if you don't have the ingredients

5. Try not to get distracted by the pretty bottle of alcohol that is calling you when it's time to cook dinner - yes, this is another one of my pitfalls

6. Don't listen to the little voice in your head that keeps saying "I can't be bothered cooking - I think I'll have a nap instead"

Doh - gotta go, haven't taken the meat out the freezer!!!


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Homework Help

This homework caper does my head in.  In fact, I think I worry about it more than my kids do.  For Master H now in his 2nd year of High School it's all my effort not to just throw my hands up in the air and officially admit defeat.

Lets put the volume of homework aside for now.  Lets also put to the side the fact that we as parents have been there and done that.  Lets try not to think about the fact that now as an adult I realise it probably wasn't such a good idea to be totally across everything George Michael was doing, see every single movie that featured Molly Ringwald, Patrick Swayze or whoever else I was in love with when I was 13.  Anything to avoid opening my maths book.

How do you make a 13 year old boy understand that he just has to find the time to get his homework done. How do you make him understand that he needs to spend some time each night revising so he doesn't fall behind.  How do you make him understand that it's best not to leave his 800 word assignment to the weekend before it's due.  How do you make them understand all this when you did exactly the same thing yourself. (You did didn't you?  Tell me I'm not the only one who did this).

And of course when it comes to those pesky essays and assignments, lets not forget the joys of Wikipedia.  Wow, you can find the answer to any assignment or essay topic in Wikipedia.  It usually isn't the correct information, but that doesn't seem to matter to the kids, it's there, just waiting to be copied down.

I remember high school and I remember homework, but I don't remember having this amount of work so early on.  Are we throwing all this work at our kids at such a young age so when it comes time for the HSC (or equivalent), they aren't completely freaked out and overwhelmed because it's been that way since they started high school?

We all want our kids to get off their electronic devices.  We want our kids to have some time to be kids, to see their friends, to keep active and play sport.  But how do we manage this when every night they are faced with another mountain-load of work to do?

I wish I knew the answer, and if you do, I would love you to share and put this poor mum out of her misery.


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