Monday, 17 March 2014

The Joys of Daytime TV

I'm just curious, is it the perception of the media gurus that everyone who is home during the day is either over weight or about to die? Or perhaps knows someone who is over weight or someone that is about to die?

Maybe they are going for the double whammy.  A really over weight person about to die!!

Seriously people, if you happen to have the TV on during those hours where clearly all but the over weight and near dead are at home because all the lively thin people are off doing exciting things with their lives, then take a moment to do a little research and take notes of what those advertisers are trying to sell you.

Diet Plan - Tick
Funeral Plan - Tick
Exercise Equipment - Tick
Life Insurance Plan so you can be prepared for when you die - Tick

And this was just in one ad break - jeez.  If wasn't depressed, I sure am now.

So if you happen to work from home and maybe happen to have the TV on in the background, or you are on holidays and just want to hang out at home for the day, or if you work shift work, or you are a stay at home mum (who is neither over weight or about to die), then clearly there's no place for you in the mind of daytime TV advertising budgets.

But, as I said, if you are over weight and about to die, well boy, have we got a deal for you!!!



  1. I cannot stand day time TV I do however like to have my recorded Real Housewives playing in the background whilst I work. ha xx

    1. LOL - I know - I've often got my recorded shows playing in the background - stupid IQ just doesn't give me enough memory for the amount of crap I need to record :)

  2. Yep. I worked in marketing for years and that's definitely the perception - overweight housewife of a certain age... no wonder we're not into daytime tv!! And I always wonder who creates the demographics anyway. I mean, they're definitely not putting anything on in the daytime that I'd want to watch (except Dr Phil). x

    1. I know - and yep, shhhh I agree with you re Dr Phil :)