Thursday, 12 September 2013

I'm Back

After being MIA for quite a few months I thought it was high time I picked up the pen keyboard and started writing some stuff.  Mainly because I'm kind of in the mood again.

Random cute photo of a couple of hippo's hanging out just coz it made me smile

Without boring you all together with the sad and sorry story of my life over the last few months, lets just say, a mini melt-down, a heart issue, a stay in the cardiac ward in hospital for a few days (which included a dead body, tourettes, the police, and a lunatic - hey, there's another blog post in itself), letting myself get far too stressed and trying to do far too much.....I'm back baby!!!!!

Okay, that was said typed with lots of gusto, but have to admit, probably not quite feeling all that gusto, but hey,a girls gotta start somewhere right!!!

So, tell me what I've missed out there in blogging world.  What's been happening?  


photo credit: Smile via Photopin

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