Monday, 16 September 2013

Happy 40th Birthday

My brother would have been 40 today.  Wow, where does the time go?  Wasn't it only yesterday he was throwing footballs at my head, scribbling on the walls and telling mum I did it, or hiding my Dolly magazines so I couldn't find them.

Of course I say "would have been" because as many of you know he passed away over 3 years ago now after a brief but seriously strong bout of depression that caused him to end his life.

So apologies while I hi-jack the blog today to be a little self-indulgent and a little bit sad and a little bit nostalgic.......Happy Birthday Damien.  We miss you every day.

And while I'm being self-indulgent let me also take a moment to give a couple of organisations out there a plug (and a thank you) for all the wonderful work they do.

Beyond Blue and R U OK Foundation.

Thanks, and remember, you don't have to wait till National R U OK Day, ask someone every day R U Ok?


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