Friday, 13 September 2013

Diary of Teenage Garbage Disposal Unit

Those of you that follow our Facebook page will be well aware of the goings-on when it comes to my children.  The hot topic this week was "where do you hide the snacks?".  This was brought on by my sheer and utter frustration at coming home with bags full of groceries only to find that half the school snacks are gone a day after I buy them!!!!!

It's bad enough that all the 2-minute noodles, meat pies, pizza snacks, and apples are gone - but not the school snacks too.  Honestly, what's a mum to do. Drink?

Yet, from that little question came a wonderful world full of information about some seriously cool hiding spots - none better than the Vege Crisper.  Because really, what child is going to look in the vege crisper?  Why hadn't I thought of that?  No honestly, why?  All these months of hiding things on top of the fridge (found that one), in the cupboard above the stove (found that one), in the back of the pantry (hah, he found that one in 5min flat)........but the vege crisper......he'll never think to look in there.

So to those mums out there that are much smarter more cunning than me, from the bottom of my heart - I THANK YOU.  My days are now filled watching my tween hang off the fridge/pantry/cupboard doors whining that there is nothing to eat while I quietly smile to myself thinking, yep, ain't mum's great.


PS - Got an even better hiding spot?  Don't hold out on me - share it please.


  1. Hi Amanda, just wanted to say I love your online store, especially the clothes you have for little girls! Good for you for making such a success business in this tough industry! Cheers

  2. I can't believe I wasn't following your Facebook page until now... I can well relate to this post, although it's my giant nine year old who is the bottomless pit. The veggie crisper sounds like the perfect place to stash my chocolate!! x

    1. Ha ha love it. I should hide my chocolate in their too :)