Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Who Needs Clean Clothes Anyway, Plus A Giveaway.

Ah laundry, my absolute favourite past time.  I love listening to the cheerful cries of my children...."Mum, where are some socks".  "Mum, I don't have any undies!!!"  "Mum, where are my shirts?".

How would I know where they are?  Do I look like a washing machine? 

Is it my fault your clothes seem to prefer their days lying in a giant pile of filth on your bedroom floor and can't seem to manage the basic step of magically growing legs and making their way down to the laundry? No, I think not.

Is it my fault that my washing machine has a secret fetish for socks and eats them when no one is looking.  No, it's not.  Take it up with the washing machine buddy!!!

Anyway, I digress.  I was lucky enough to try the new Cold Power Sensitive Touch recently - ooooh.  It's a bit nice if I do say so myself.  

In all seriousness for a moment, for my family it is especially fabulous because it's hypoallergenic, dermatolgically tested, and free from perfumes to ensure sensitive skin remains free from irritation.  In my books, that's a big plus. 

And, Cold Power Sensitive Touch is a proud partner of the Eczema Association of Australasia, another big tick.

In fact, below is a little before and after picture I thought I would share with you.  Before using Cold Power Sensitive Touch, and after using Cold Power Sensitive Touch.

Okay, not really, but hey it really is super easy to use, simply place the recommended dosage into your laundry load and it will do the rest.  Plus, it works best in cold water, which means it is saving you energy, which saves you money which could be better spent on maybe buying new socks to replace the ones the washing machine eats.

The best bit, we have 2 packs of Cold Power Sensitive Laundry Detergent to give away.

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This is a sponsored post for Cold Power and Digital Parents Collective.  Cold Power Sensitive Touch provided complimentary samples for this post, however the opinions and content expressed within are completely my own.


  1. Love the before and after - I believe I've seen that after picture doing the rounds on pinterest.

    1. LOL - yes, I only wish my laundry could like that :)

  2. And now I have remembered that I have washing in the machine #sigh