Thursday, 4 July 2013

A Despicably Great Day

As a mum of 3 it's often hard to devote that special one-on-one time to just one of the kids.  You feel like you are being pulled in 3 different directions without really being there for any one of them.  I find it especially hard as my 3 boys are all at such different stages of their lives.

One is in high school, one is in the early years of primary school, the other is still toddling around in nappies (let's not discuss the disastrous toilet training right now).

That's why for me it was so great today to spend some quality one on one time with "Middle Child".  The often neglected Master 8 year old and I hit the town today - well our local shopping mall, but hey, hitting the town sounds so much cooler don't you think.

We dropped the 3 year old tornado off at pre-school, dropped Mr Attitude (aka the 12 year old pre-teen) off at his mates house, and off C and I went on our little adventure.

First stop, the hairdresser.  Not the daggy barber, not "mum's hairdresser" but the seriously cool men's hairdresser, who, if do say so myself did a pretty awesome job of cutting hair that seriously has a mind of it's own.  You know that hair that has that crown that just won't do as it's told, curly hair when he wants straight, please don't tell me it's only girls who stress over their hair.

Anyway, one funky hair cut later and we off on our next stop.  The food court.  Always a little tricky as C is on a gluten free diet but we found some pretty cool chicken and chips that he was happy with and I snuck in a pretty yummy (probably pretty fattening) burger.

We even managed to sneak in a Super Heroes show in the there somewhere.

After a wander through the local surf shop (yes, I know we live in "the hills" but hey, every mall has a surf shop right), and the standard wander through Smiggles, it was time to hit the movies.

Choc M&M's for C and a hit of caffeine for me we were all set for Despicable Me 2.  One thing I love more than anything is kids movies that adults can enjoy too.  With 3 kids the amount of kids movies I've been to see where I seriously want to just poke my eyes out after the first 5 mins - sheesh.  Not so with Despicable Me.  I loved it, but most importantly so did C.  He has since spent most of the evening reciting his fave lines from the movie.

My other favourite past-time during kids movies is picking the "movie star's voice".  Gold star to me, I picked the quite yummy Benjamin Bratt, let the team down with Russell Brandt - I hate to admit it, but I had to hang out for the credits to roll on that one.

Overall, it was a really special day for me.  To be able to spend some quality one on one time with C was great.  Made especially awesome when he looks up at me and says "Mum, H will be having fun today with his friend, N will be having a great time at pre-school days, it's only Dad having a boring day today cause he's at work". Yep, you got it kid.

Do you try and schedule some one on one time with each of your kids, and if so, how often?  I really need to do it more often, that's for sure.


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  1. Yes, I do especially with my daughter. We go out to a special cafe where there is a park nearby. She loves this time.