Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Laziest 12 Year Old Around

Those of you that follow along with us will be quite familiar with the laziness that envelopes my 12 year old boy, however I think he's actually reached new heights now.

This is clearly a monumental achievement - even for him.

It's the end of June.  Generally speaking in most areas of Australia that means it's winter - yes?  That means it's cold, really cold.  In fact here in Sydney, it's freeeeeezing.

Most people would wear warm clothes of some description, maybe a jacket, or a jumper, a pair of jeans, who knows.  My child?  Oh no, we wear a pair of shorts and a shirt.  We then stand there shivering and ........wait for it.........ask:

"Mum, can I go sit in the car, it's freezing"


"Yeah, I want to sit in the car - it's warmer in there - I can turn the seat warmer on"

OMG!!!!  His laziness knows no bounds!!!!!

And because I like to monitor my language on my little blog, I won't actually tell you what my reply was :)



  1. Oh, this is so typical! I too have a 12 year old giant pre-teen boy, who does nothing but eat and play either playstation or his iPod. Cleaning his room means chucking everything out of sight in the wardrobe (can't close the doors) or under the bed. Every little request gets met with a grunt or why, and he doesn't mind at all wearing his clothes for days at a time. Don't even start me on how often he brushes his hair or his teeth. I am feeling your pain. But you know what, I love him heaps, he is a sweet thing and at least I still get a kiss and hug. For now.

  2. Oh Amanda - how I feel for you. My 12 year old too walks around bare foot and jumperless but keeps pumping the heating up to fifty thousand degrees so that all of us sensible ones with jumpers on are sweltering! Pre teens - what can I say xx

  3. I hate to say it but it gets worse as boys get into teenage years. I am currently raising teenage boy number 3.