Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sienna and Sidney

With a distinct chill in the air now upon us and the summer dresses and shorts slowly being packed away for another season I thought it was the perfect time to introduce you to the beautiful Lucy from Sienna and Sidney.

Her story when I first read it brought tears to my eyes, thinking about what they went through with their gorgeous little girl.  To then find the strength to do something positive from their tragedy I think is truly inspirational.

Below is a little blurb from Sienna & Sidney's "About Us" page and we are proud to be able to support Sienna & Sidney in some small way. I know I can personally vouch for her gorgeous sleeping bags having used them for my own children to keep them snug and warm at night.

Sienna & Sidney was founded in 2009 when I came over from the UK to Australia with my partner and my daughter Sienna. I decided to set up my own company to design and make baby sleepbags having had a lot of experience in the nursery market. I spent 14 years working as a retailer and buyer for the leading department store group in the UK and in 2010 I then also worked part time as Head of Buying for an Australian Nursery chain. I love beautiful fabrics and this is the main point of difference to other sleepbag manufacturers - I source on-trend fabrics from leading designers from around the world. These fabrics are often limited in quantity so the number of sleepbags made in each fabric is always limited and there is constant change..

Very sadly we lost our beautiful little daughter, Sienna in February 2010 to neuroblastoma cancer after she relapsed towards the end of 2009. There is currently no cure for relapsed neuroblastoma but there can be one and with the support of many good friends and businesses we have raised approx. $370,000 for the Children's Cancer Institute of Australia for research into neuroblastoma. This disease needs more research to ensure a cure is found for relapsed neuroblastoma - we know it does not need a miracle just more research.

With every sleepbag sold $10 will be given to Children's Cancer Institute of Australia for their research into neuroblastoma.

We dedicate all our work to our little girl Sienna.


If you are interested in helping us fundraise please visit our website

If you have a moment to visit the Neuroblastoma page please do so, and for those of you in Sydney you may be interested in the Fun Run coming up on May 26.

And most importantly, when you tuck your little one into bed tonight, take that extra moment to pause and remember to be grateful for all that they bring us.


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