Monday, 1 April 2013

A Tourist In Your Own City

After being house bound for the last few days it was time to drag the tribe away from the world of X-box and iPods and venture off into the great outdoors (well okay the Sydney CBD but that's still technically out doors). It was time to play tourist in our own city.

Now brace yourselves, I, who have devoted my entire life avoiding exercise at all costs, decided to walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Something I'm ashamed to say I've never really done before.  I think it's that whole "walking" thing that's always been an issue.

We parked the car at Kirribilli and grabbed some takeaway which we ate under the bridge (trust me, when you have a 3 year old tornado that's much safer than manoeuvring your way through a small coffee shop).

Kids were re-fuelled and it was time to tackle the bridge. Master 3 had a quick freak out over the traffic roaring past and Master 8 needed to be reassured the bridge wouldn't "fall down" but then we were all good to go. I probably should insert here that I did have a fleeting thought of a car hurtling through all the barricades and taking out a group of pedestrians. Hmmm, I wonder where my kids get their neurosis's from?

The view of the harbour was amazing. When flying across the bridge at 70km's an hour in your car it's so easy to take it all for granted and not even notice what's going on around you. Mind you, I'm usually too busy focusing on the ticks and crosses above my lane thinking, oh my god what if it suddenly changes direction and I'm driving into oncoming traffic. Yes I know that's impossible. I'm sure the bridge dudes have a nifty plan in place to make sure that doesn't happen, but you never know.

The bridge was full of families, couples and visitors to Sydney all doing the same thing, enjoying the beautiful Sydney weather and taking in the amazing sites. It was a nice change of pace to see my older 2 boys walk side by side chatting away, rather than the usual bickering. Although I'm not sure how I feel about their chosen conversation topic:

"So, how many dead bodies do you think are down three?"
"I dunno. What would they be doing down there? Wouldn't they be all yucky now"
"Yea, but lots of people fell off the bridge when they were building it so they'd all be dead now." 

We made it across the bridge in one piece (and thankfully without seeing any dead bodies) and wandered off down to The Rocks. After steeling myself to ignore the constant whines of "can I have....can I have" we took the boys to see the seriously cool glass floor inside Customs House, while I daydreamed of ways I could ditch the kids to run upstairs for a cocktail at Cafe Sydney. Realising that none of my elaborate plans were going to work we settled for coffee at Circular Quay instead.

By now we had reached that time of the day that every parent dreads. That time where everything starts going rapidly pear shaped. When the kids' bickering turns into full blown fights and as parents we start dreaming of alcohol to get us through the remainder of the day. 

It was a much slower walk back across the bridge. Mainly because Master 3 decided to go into Motorbike mode which means he has to kick start his little legs while making motorbike noises the entire length of the bridge. Unfortunately he kept running out of petrol or stalling right in front of some poor unsuspecting tourist.

Overall, even while being wary of dead bodies, it was a great day out. It was fun to be a tourist in our own city and see the sites, really see them, rather than just rushing past them.

Give it a try some time, you may be surprised how much you enjoy it.


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  1. After nearly a decade in this city I am yet to walk the bridge, lets hope it's not another decade before doing so!!