Monday, 22 October 2012

Who needs doors anyway?

It’s been over a month now since we moved into the new house, which means it’s been over 2 months since husband ran through the house and removed every door in sight.

It’s not that he has some kind of weird phobia about doors, it’s just that they were all old mission brown things and falling apart so they ended up in the skip bin.  Only 1 door has since gone up in it’s place – the door to the bathroom.

Don’t get me wrong – I like open plan as much as the next person, but seriously, no doors....... I kind of like doors.  They come in handy for a number of reasons.

  1. How can I send the 2 year tornado to his room when he just walks right out again?
  2. How do I hide all the mess that I’ve shoved into the spare room when there is no door to hide it all behind?
  3. Fights are no where near as exciting if you can’t be all dramatic, storm off and slam a door!
  4. It’s near impossible to shove everything into the linen cupboard when there is no door to stop everything falling straight back onto the floor again. 
  5. What if I have a sudden desire to hang something on the back of a door – what am I supposed to do then huh?
  6. Where am I supposed to put the funky new door handles I found?
  7. What if I want to lock myself in a room so I can’t hear the boys screaming at each other?
  8. Do I really don’t need to see the toilet seat up everytime I walk past the boy’s bathroom?

I am almost tempted to rings Doors Plus and have them put doors in for me – I say almost because, sorry, can someone please explain how it costs over $200 to put up one door??  Seriously, maybe I should become a door putter-upperer - who wouldn’t want to work for that sort of hourly rate.

So tell me, is it just me?  Do you think doors are an important feature of your house or just a luxury you can do without?  


  1. Oh boy! With kids, some doors are a must! I particularly agree with #2 and #4, though :)

    1. Ha ha - I know. I finally have a spare room to hide all my crap but no door to hide it all behind :(

  2. I need doors. I need to be able to hide at times. How could I possibly get a good nights sleep when hubby decides its the night to snore. You see I sneak off to the spare room and close all doors between him and the rest of the house. Doors hide teenage messes and that strange odour that wafts from their rooms (you know BO, dead food, smelly socks that are under the bed etc) No doors are essential in our house. I am feeling your pain and frustration.

    1. OMG - I didn't even think of the smelly teenager scenario - my oldest isn't far off that stage - ooh, I better have doors by then. And yes, the snoring too - I think that's what I need to start doing - at the moment I just kick him - lol.

  3. This is so funny! I can relate. We remodeled a rental house, which we moved into while our new house was being built. It was really cool. Old doors. I loved them but they needed to be refinished. So... all of our doors came off, too. Even the bathroom. We hung a sheet up for privacy. Good thing it was just the hubs and I. When the kids all came over, or we had company, it made for good laughs and jokes! Fun memories. I think you will feel the same way when it's all over with. Hang in there.

    1. You are so right Carol - I will look back and laugh. It's kind of fun to see people's faces when they realise there aren't any doors - anywhere - hee hee.