Monday, 29 October 2012

What, what did I do?

Living with males is such fun.  It’s like a whole other world really.  One that consists of strange odours, empty cupboards, lots of mess, wet towels left in obscure places, smelly socks, footy boots, and cricket whites that now seem to have a strange grey tinge to them.

On the upside though, it is balanced by lots of cuddles.  It’s definitely true about boys and their mums – my eldest gives the best cuddles ever!! 

This morning however, even his cuddles weren’t going to save him.  I should have titled this post “What I Say and What He Hears Part 2 – the child’s version”.  If you read last week’s rant you’d completely understand where I was coming’s clearly a genetic trait that starts at birth.

I say to Master 11 year old “can you please pick up all the clothes off the floor upstairs and put them in the washing basket”.  

He hears ..............................................

After packing lunches, school bags, checking notes, making sure I’ve got everything I need for work, packing the daycare bag, throwing everything into the car except the 2 year old tornado (who at last check was looking like he was contemplating popping the cat in the washing machine), it was a quick dash upstairs only to find what looked like some crazed person had emptied the entire contents of the boys wardrobes, rubbed them in dirt and strewn them across three rooms.

Argh!!!!!!!!  After putting on best screeching voice I can muster in the morning Master 11 saunters in with his usual blank expression and my second favourite phrase “What, what did I do?”

It’s more what you didn’t do buddy!!! 

I wish I could say that I was making this up.  I wish I could say that my boys were growing up as modern, educated men, that will be quite capable of taking care of themselves.  Instead, I've somehow managed to produce a bunch of Neanderthals that can’t even pick a bloody sock up off the floor.

Master 11 continues to look at me with a blank look as if I’m speaking a new-found foreign language.  “But I thought you meant just my room”.  Now I know, they don’t have the capacity to think further than ooh I don’t know, a millisecond, but seriously. 

After a deep breath I then wander into Master 11’s domain.  “Oh, this room?  Is this the room you thought I was talking about?  The one with the clothes ALL OVER THE FLOOR?????  IS THAT THE ROOM YOU THOUGHT I WAS TALKING ABOUT??????”

And there it was – my favourite phrase, the one that really tips me over the edge, the one that makes me want to turn to the vodka at 8am in the morning.......

"What? {insert sibling’s name here}, must have done it”

Yep, of course.  In the 5 minutes since I asked you to pick up all the washing off the floor your 7 year old brother ran upstairs, got hold of the washing basket, managed to only pick out your clothes, throw them all over the floor, run back downstairs just in time for me to head upstairs and go off my nut!!!

Hmmmmmmm - yep, that must be what happened.




  1. oooh!!! I am not looking forward to tweens.. 3yr olds are hard enough!!

    They do love to test those boundaries!!!


    1. I know. And it seems the older they get the messier they get too.

  2. I have 1 and 2 year old boys. Thanks for the glimpse into the future. But it's great to hear they still give good hugs x

    1. Ha ha - it could be worse -you could have 3 me......but I wouldn't swap them for the world.

  3. I asked my son to see who was at the door; he literally looked out (at neighbour) and walked back to computer. Said nothing to either her or me.

  4. I love my son's (3 years old) cuddles! But, yes, not looking forward to the pre-teen/ teen years!

    1. Boys definitely give the BEST cuddles!!!!

  5. Oh that would drive me nuts! Boys do seem to have a different level of dedication to their tidiness.....

  6. Oh the joy! I don't have any boys but my husband is eerily similar to this. Heaven help me if we do have a boy!

  7. See...for the first 2 years of my boys' life people would come up and say that it all gets easier. You are living proof that it doesn't! No suggestions from here, just lots of sympathy and a hearty "You can do it!!!"