Thursday, 7 June 2012

Do As I Say Not As I Do

Ever have one of those parenting moments where things just don’t quite go according to plan?

You know, you are in the middle of disciplining your child, you are so proud of the way you are able to articulate your words and then “wham”, it all rapidly falls apart.

Well thanks to DH I had one of those exact moments on the weekend. Master 11 Year old staggers thru the door from football looking none too pleased while grumpy looking husband follows in behind muttering under his breath.

Such a joyful looking bunch,  I had to ask what was wrong.  This sent DH into one of his rants about the “bloody kids” and the fact that they never seem to do as they are told.

The 2 older boys had apparently been spotted by the footy coach throwing cherry tomatos onto the road......hmmmm

“That’s it!!!  No more playing out on the front yard, you can’t be trusted, what if you had hit a car!!! Don’t you know how dangerous that is!!!”  and on and on raved DH.

Of course this was all met with tears and protests from the boys.....”we were only throwing them on the road, we didn’t hit any cars” blah blah blah.

After a few minutes I’d had enough and demanded that both boys sit down and listen.  I explained to them in my perfect “I mean business” voice the dangers involved with what they had done.  It was totally irrelevant whether they were throwing tomatoes directly at cars, throwing them onto the road, or simply rolling them down the driveway, what they were doing was wrong and dangerous.  Cars driving down the road would have no idea that they were small cherry tomatoes, for all they knew they could be rocks!!!!!

Scatterings of “Do you understand what I’m saying to you?” were thrown in for good measure and a final “and not only are you not allowed to play out on the front yard any more, but you have also lost your ipods for the remainder of the week”.

Yes, I had just been a responsible parent.

So, you can imagine my joy when Master 7 year old (who’s been extremely quiet through the whole chat) pipes up with “But Mum, Dad told us to throw the tomatoes on the road!"

“What do you mean your father told you to throw them on the road?  Don’t be ridiculous.  Did you not just listen to anything I just said to you!!!!”

At which point master 11 also joins in “Actually, he did Mum.  He didn’t want the tomatos dropping on the front lawn and the seeds getting in the grass so he told us to throw them onto the road”

It’s at this point that I look up to see DH slowing backing out of the room to do a quick runner outside.  What the?

Seriously, what do I even say to that one?


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