Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Interview Process - What A Nightmare!

My eldest son starts high school next year which fills me full of dread on a whole new level.

I still feel like he is my baby – an 11 year old baby, and I am most definitely NOT ready for him to start high school.

I still remember as clear as day taking him to his first day at Primary School and now here we are 6 ½ years later preparing for high school and the start of what I will call “The Interview Process”.

This process started off exceedingly well for us.  Whilst dropping my youngest child at daycare earlier in the week I received a phone call from the prospective high school asking if everything was alright as we had missed our interview slot the evening before.

OMG!!!  You know that moment where everything just stops and you can’t even get your brain into gear long enough to come up with a fabulous excuse involving the cast of Revenge and a glass of wine......hmmmmm.   In actual fact with everything that had been going on the last week I simply forgot.

And considering we are the non-practicing Catholic family applying to a Catholic school my repeated “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” probably wasn’t the best response I could have come up with at the time either.

Luckily however the lady was extremely understanding and we were able to reschedule for later in the week. 

So now it’s time for interview process Take 2.

We sat down with a lovely young teacher who I believe was the Year 11 Adviser.  He put us at ease instantly, this could be seen by the way my son lounged back on the couch as if he was settling in for an episode of iCarly. Let me tell you, it’s very hard to make evil death stares at your child which is supposed to translate into ‘will you stop lounging on the couch and sit up!!!” when you have the teacher sitting right in front of you.

Said teacher then starts what we call the “interview” by simple chit chat, whilst actually jotting down notes and saying “hmmmm” to himself. 

So, let me set the scene of how the questions went:

Teacher:   So, what makes you want to come to {Insert School Name Here}?

11 Year Old Child Lounging on the Couch:  Because my best friend goes here.

(of course, why bother with small talk about the wonderful education offered at the school – your mate goes to the school – what other reason is there to go?)

Teacher:  And what are your favourite subjects at school?  What do you like best?

11 Year Old Child Lounging on the Couch:   Cricket.  Oh, and footy.

(Hmmm, yes because if Michael Clarke hadn’t studied 10th grade cricket he would never have become the captain of the Australian cricket team).

Teacher:  yes, well lets put them down as hobbies.  What subjects do you like? 

11 Year Old Child Lounging on the Couch:  Ummmmmmm

Teacher:  Maths?

11 Year Old Child Lounging on the Couch:  Ummmmmmm

Teacher:  Science?

11 Year Old Child Lounging on the Couch:  Ummmmmmm

(Seriously!!!!!!!  Just shoot me now someone.  PLEASE!!!!)

Now thrown into the disaster that was my couch-lounging 11 year old’s interview is the 2 year old tornado running around the office throwing balls and repeatedly yelling “NO!!!!!” at me every time I asked him to stop throwing the ball in the nice teacher’s office. 

Finally the train-wreck interview process was over, and with desperate wails of, oh, did you tell the nice man you are house captain, and what about the school band, oh and didn’t you get an award for great colouring in when you were in kindy???????

Yes, the interview was over and up jumped couch-lounging 11 year old to race out the door and kick a footy around.  And you know what, whether he gets in or whether he doesn’t, it’s really not important.  As long as he is happy, healthy and has great friends around him that’s all that matters......oh, and as long as the school has a cricket team.



  1. Too funny, can visualise H saying this!
    Good luck!

  2. LMAO Oh I can just imagine. We are getting ready to do the same thing with our soon to be 11 year old. My older two already go to a Catholic Primary school and I had to enrol my youngest recently for next year. When I was filling out his forms it said to attach his Baptism certificate. oh Crap somehow I had forgotten to baptise him. We did a quick rush job at a church not attached to his school lol Good Luck - hope he gets to play cricket at THAT school :) xx

    1. Lol - I swear if he gets in it will b a miracle.