Friday, 11 May 2012

I Am Never Moving House Again

So, after 2 weeks of absolute stress I think I can finally take a breath.

Firstly, I must apologise to our many wonderful purely4kids followers, friends and customers for being a complete scatterbrain the last few weeks.

In addition to my littlest monster’s accident, we’ve been trying to buy a house.

For those of you that follow my blog you will know we were completely undecided as to whether we should sell up and move or whether we should renovate.  We had reached that point where our little 3 bedroom house just wasn’t working for us anymore with 3 boys, hubby, me and our crazy cat – let’s not mention the dog for now.

Well, after months of putting up with my children's complaints and whinges as we dragged them to open home after home after home, as we became more and more disillusioned with the fact that everything was either out of our price range, or it needed to be blown up and started again, we have finally found a house – woo hoo.

To be clear, we actually found the house about 2 weeks ago – and so started my campaign of stress, fear, tears, fights, and general psychoticness – thank you to my totally beautiful Purely4kids business partner Kim for putting up with me (I’m sure she was secretly picturing a giant meteor exploding from the sky and squishing me Ally McBeal style – lol).

But......the deal is done........we have paid our 5% deposit – no cooling off period – the auction has been cancelled – no more open homes to worry about – it’s ours and we are now officially broke – omg!!!!!

My New House - ha - I wish....... {Image Credit}

So, I’d now like to have it on the record that if you ever hear me talk about the possibility that we may want to move one day down the track I give you all permission to yell at me via whatever means you wish, whether it be Facebook, our blog, twitter, email – however you see fit – but just make sure you remind me of what a totally horrible process this was and I am NEVER EVER moving again!!!!!

Let the fun job of selling our house and moving begin!


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