Thursday, 17 May 2012

Celebrity Style

Ok, so blatant self promotion is not something I normally do here on our purely4kids blog - it's more about me dealing with the chaos that is my life - LOL.

But.......who doesn't love a bit of celebrity gossip and style?  Go on, you can admit it here, I won't tell anyone.

Well we thought in keeping in line with what purely4kids is all about, fashionably cool kids clothing from outstanding Australian designers, we could have some fun with it.

Check out this fab photo of Heidi Klum and her daughter looking pretty as a picture in her pink tutu.

Hmm, not sure about Heidi's pants though.

Your little girl can look this sweet too thanks to Alex & Ant, Willow & Finn and Rosie Roo.

Here's how.



Ta da!!!  What do you think?  Pretty cute huh!

Which celebrity do think has the most stylish kid around?  Do Heidi Klum's pants scare you too or is it just me?


  1. Such a cute pic... but I think Heidi can pretty much get away with anything, haha! Not that I would personally choose those pants.
    I'm not really up on the celebrity kids, though I do think Suri Cruise has a pretty impressive looking wardrobe... with all those $$$ I'm not surprised though.

  2. I know - isn't she stunning. As for Suri, OMG, I wonder how one small child can ever manage to wear all those clothes before she grows out of them - LOL.

  3. my kids are. Obviously.

    And those pants? OMG hellz to the no.

    1. Ha ha - I know - they r seriously frightening