Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter in Sydney Without Rain?

Well this year was a first - Easter in Sydney and no rain (except for the massive downpour on Sunday night where I thought my house was going to wash away - but that's another story). 

In fact I have a girlfriend who is extremely thankful that my family decided to stay home this Easter break because it meant she could enjoy her long-weekend camping.  She's thankful because every Easter we usually go away or we go camping and every Easter without fail it rains.  So this year we decided to do something different - stay home.

We took the boys to to Centennial Park.  Hubby somehow managed to take what seemed like an hour to load the bikes into the back of his "ute", but finally we were off.

The older two boys had a great time riding around the park with dad and kicking the footy, while Master 2 zoomed around on his little plastic trike when he wasn't busy playing in the playground.

"Hmmm, should I ride my bike or play footy?"

After all that exercise (no, not me, allergies you know - LOL), everyone was ready for a break so it was off to the cafe in the park for cappuccino's - yum - and smoothies for the kids.

"Woo Hoo!"

The boys had a great time, proof of which I think was shown by the 2 youngest ones falling asleep as soon as we hit the road on the way home. 

Hope everyone had a great Easter - how did you spend yours?


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