Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mother of the Year Strikes Again

I was one of those awful mothers this morning.
Master 7 year old woke up in a bad mood which then made me in a bad mood because he was being cranky and difficult.
Requests for him to have his breakfast, get dressed and get ready for school were met with smart comments which really irritated me.
There were tears and tantrums because his older brother was looking at him the wrong way, or was laughing at him, or was generally breathing in his direction.

After finally getting out the door this morning and arriving at school the tears started – again.  He realised he had forgotten his hat, which older brother proudly told him was on the floor in his bedroom.  There was now hysteria over elder brother’s conspiracy theory to deliberately make him forget his hat.......argh!!!!  After a quick check of his school bag I didn’t have the heart to mention the library bag which I realised wasn’t in there – it was library day too.  

So after trying to unsuccessfully console him in 3 seconds flat with a quick “you’ll be right.  See if there’s a hat in lost property you can borrow – bye, gotta go, running late for work – blah blah blah”, I jumped in the car and headed for the next drop-off point which is family day care for master 2.
I think I’d barely got around the corner when the guilt started creeping in and by the time I got to the office I was feeling terrible.  I started thinking about the craziness of our family life.  Too much to do and just no time to fit even half of it in.  I also started to think back to when my eldest was in Year 1 (he’s in year 6 now).  I’m sure I never yelled out “have you got this, have you got that” as we ran out the door.  I checked what day it was and therefore what was needed for the day and made sure it was in his bag.  I was so organised and as a result he never went to school without hats, library bags, signed notes etc.
So why do I expect master 7 year old to look after himself?  Why don’t’ I pack his bag like I did for his brother at that age?  What on earth will I be like by the time my 2 year old goes to school?  OMG – now I feel even worse.
Am I the only one that becomes a worse mum with each additional child they have?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Birds & The Bees

Well, we've reached that age that most parents dread......or is it just me that has been dreading it??  That age when it's time to have "The Talk!". 

Actually, I have to admit, we had "the talk" last year in our house when my eldest was 10, but it's come up again as our school is running a sex education programme this term for the Year 6 kids at primary school.  Especially great for those parents that would rather someone else cover all those icky topics - LOL - but also great because they talk to the kids on their own wave length and takes that whole embarrassment factor out of it for them.

Each week I've been asking my eldest if he has any questions from the day's lesson, whilst secretly hoping he won't......come on, we all do that.  We drum it into our kids that they can talk to us anytime, about anything, but all the time wishing certain subjects will never come up.

I asked master 11 year old how this week's lesson was?  The response was "mum, there was a really gross question.  One of the boys asked what happens if your 'willy' gets cut off".  Ah, can always rely on them to ask the hard questions.  And this is why the school programme is so great, because with a straight face the teacher calmly told the boy that he would have to go to hospital and have it sewn back on. Hmmmm.

I suppose it proves one thing.......boys obsessions with their 'willies' starts at a very early age.

These lessons did bring up an slightly awkward moment this week.  We are massive fans of Modern Family in our house - we just love it.  We were watching the episode where Claire & Phil get caught in a compromising position by their kids.......I was watching master 11 year old's face - it was priceless.  He wanted so badly to laugh because he really thought it was funny, but at the same time he knew exactly what the story line was all about and the thought of it probably freaked him out.  LOL - poor kid.  Gotta feel for them as they start heading towards those awkward teenage years. 

For those of you with older kids, have you had "The Talk" yet?  How did you handle it?  How did your child handle it?