Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Memories Grandma Used To Make

I was inspired to write this after reading through this month's edition of Country Style magazine.

I was looking at all these beautiful homemade goodies in rustic kitchens and it instantly transported me back to days as a child and the delicious treats my Grandma used to make.

I'm not exactly sure why. We lived in suburban Adelaide and my grandparents had this amazing 60's retro style kitchen, certainly not rustic, but I think it's the memories of the food and my grandma more so than the decor.

Lemon meringue pies, melting moment biscuits, strawberry sponge cakes and her to-die-for curries, that even in her 90's my brother was still asking her to make when he called in for dinner.

I lost my Grandma last year but I'm really glad I'm in that space at the moment that I can remember her when I was a child. That I can have a smile on my face when I think of her rather than just sadness that she is now gone.

Do you have a favourite food that evokes memories of childhood?

We'd love you to share.



  1. I certainly remember well the time spent with my Nanna. (I lived with her whilst completing my Year 12).

    It's the little things I remember most...her jar of boiled lollies, buttered bread with dinner (with the crusts removed), her cutting up fruit for me piece by piece in the evenings, a puzzle a night before we retired, her love of all things smooth...

    You've made me smile with these memories - thank you!

    1. Oh wow, I remember the buttered bread too.
      I'm so glad I could help you smile.