Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Oh how I love Pinterest, and oh how I love Summer.  And how I love linking up with Piquing my Pinterest via Tina Gray dot Me.

Here are some beautiful photos I found on Pinterest that remind me of Summer that I wanted to share.

I admit I'm a bit late, but I've discovered the world of Maxi Dresses and i just love them. Especially good for hiding my lilly white legs.


Love this photo.  It's from And Me Too and is just beautiful.

I just adore lanterns & candles, especially in the warmer months, the glow they give always looks so pretty.


Nothing says summer like a Daisy.

Lovin this photo.  It's from the ever fabulous Possum & Banjo.

This is actually me just showing off.  Seriously loving my bargain new purchase from Witchery.  Gotta love a sale.

What photos remind you of Summer?

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  1. Very Summery images! Images of the beach and watermelon remind me of Summer :) Thanks for linking up! x