Friday, 20 January 2012

It's Back to School Time - Woo Hoo

I was inspired by the wonderful Gemma from My Big Nutshell to write a little blog about Back to School. 

I have 2 of my boys going back to school soon.  The eldest into Year 6 (which is last year of Primary here in NSW) and the other going into Year 1.  My youngest little munchkin is still at home.

We've been bombarded the last few weeks on all those back to school ideas, savings, hints and tips, so it kind of got me thinking.  I wanted to share with you some handy hints and tips of my own to help ease back into the school year grind joy.

1.  Enrol the kids in boarding school - you'll then only have to worry about them during school holidays - so what if I live in a capital city - I think my boys could benefit from knowing that there is a big wide world out there and not everything comes from Woolworths.

2. Book the kids into Before & After School Care- regardless of whether you are home or not.  Although before school care can be tricky as it means you'll have to get up even earlier and for those of us that struggle with a 9am start to the school day (or 8.55am at our school - seriously, what is with that?), the earlier start may be a challenge.  By enrolling them in After School Care it also enables you watch Bold and the Beautiful in peace. By the way, who thinks Steffi will end up back with Bill?

3. Teach your children to wash, iron, fold and put away their own clothes so they always have freshly laundered uniforms.  And when you've finished doing that could you ask them to pop around and teach me - no I'm serious, have you read my post about the sock bucket.

4. If you send your kids to school each day without lunch, don't worry, someone will feel sorry for them and feed them.......okay okay, no hate mail......I'm joking, honestly...... but then

5. For all those endless notes that come home that have to be signed and returned, simply organise a stamp of your signature, then the kids can simply stamp their notes themselves and take them back to school.  Of course there is always the risk that you may have just signed up for a year's worth of yo-yo lessons for them, but imagine how good they would be at it by the end of the year.

6. If like me you are becoming worried about the kids homework and whether you can actually help them out because things are taught so differently now, don't worry, they can find the answer to anything they need on Google.

7. Music lessons, dance lessons, sporting practice etc is a great time to catch up on your social media addictions, ie playing on facebook, twitter or catching up on your fave blogs.  Thanks to the world of iPods, iPads and iPhones it's so easy now.  If it's a bit awkward, take along some earplugs and use the time to catch up on some sleep instead.

8. Vodka, Lime & Soda whilst looking extremely pretty also solves any pesky back to school issue you may have.

9. That's it, couldn't think of anything else so you only get 8 tips, not 10.  Sorry.

Would love for you to share with us your Back to School tips.


A few serious disclaimers - LOL
- oops if they're meant to be serious I shouldn't have just typed LOL. 
  • Anyhoo, I have nothing but positive feelings towards Before & After School - it's a fabulous system that I've used for many years when I'm working.... hello Miss Sue.
  • This post is not sponsored by Apple, although if you're reading this..........
  • If you have Foxtel you can simply IQ Bold and the Beautiful and then you can just watch it later when the kids are in bed - just don't read the cover of the Soap mags when you're at the checkout - such a spoiler.
  • I wouldn't recommend letting your 5 year old use an iron - well, that's what the DR at emergency told me, who knew?
  • I accept no responsibility if your child uses your signature stamp to forge cheques

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