Monday, 9 January 2012

I Survived 90min With A Chipmunk

I did it - I saw the latest Alvin and the Chipmunks movie and I lived to tell the tale. And let me tell you, I do believe I deserve some kind of medal for it. Not that it was a bad movie, because it wasn't, it's just that I struggle with kids movies.

It's weird really because I never actually enjoyed cartoons much as a child myself, and now as an adult my love for kiddie movies hasn't really improved much. I'm more of a Pulp Fiction kinda girl, or anything that stars Daniel Craig, but the chipmunks, hmmm, not so much.

I told myself I was doing this for the boys, and the fact that they started whinging for food and arguing with each other the minute we arrived at the car park didn't make them ungrateful little so-and-so's.  After all, I'm inspired to link us with the ever fabulous Maxabella Loves and her 52 weeks of grateful.

I reminded myself that their remarks over the $2 popcorn & bottles of water from k-mart rather than the $200 dollar movie combos from the cinema did not mean they didn't appreciate that I was taking them to see singing chipmunks. (Obviously those of you that have been to a cinema candy bar recently will know that my flippant $200 movie combo comment is only a slight exaggeration. Seriously, does it really cost $12 to pop some popcorn?)

Am I really turning into one of those people I said I never would? You know who I mean.....the ones who when we were kids used to tell us when they were kids they had to walk 25km's along a dirt track without shoes just to get to school everyday!!!! OMG, I am. I just heard myself saying, "when I was a kid........". Arghhhhhh, how has this happened?

Please tell me it's true though. I'm sure when I was a child it was such a treat to go to the movies. My brother and I would get so excited. Now it honestly seems to be a given, an expectation. There's no excitement around it anymore.

At the end of the day though, I'm sure buried deep somewhere in the realms of a 6 year old and 11 year old's mind there was gratitude and they were thankful I took them.

For me, I'm sure I'll enjoy The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo a lot more, but as far as singing chipmunks go it was a pretty fun movie and I survived.

How do you feel about taking the kids to the movies these days? Do you think the excitements gone or am I just turning into an old fart?


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  1. I struggle with kids movies too amanda. I tend to get like a 3 year old who can't sit still. But having said that...I intend to take my two monkeys to see a kids movie these holidays too, and I may even be mad enough to bring along another child, to give their mum a bit of time to themselves.
    Enjoy the rest of the school holidays!
    x manda

  2. lol yes the thing's we do for our kids.
    It is worth sitting through singing and talking animals to make them happy, and give them a good life. x

  3. Thanks Manda. Let me know what you end up seeing - and if you survive - lol.

  4. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone, but I secretly enjoyed singing along with the singing chipmunks - of course, if you ask me to repeat that I'll deny everything.

  5. You're a brave woman.

    Oh yes, I've played the "when I was a kid" game. You should have seen Miss Five's jaw drop when I told her that when I was a kid there was no ABC Kids or video and you couldn't pause the tv. We didn't have computers either. The list kept growing and I started to freak out, especially when Miss Five said "Were you born in the really olden days?" Yep. But no, I didn't ride a horse to school. We really did have cars - although there weren't any seatbelts, never mind child safety seats. "Wow! Lucky your car didn't crash."

  6. i love going with the grandchildren to the movies seeing movies with them is shear delight i watch all their faces .I love hearing their laughter and seeing their smiles.
    I enjoy it maybe its just that i am their grandmother i enjoy being with them so much they have fun with me.Even my own children when they were small never went to the pictures much could not afford it but when we went we had so much fun.
    Maybe its just me but i love watching children's movies

  7. Hey Lynda, I know. I too have been asked if I was born in the "olden days". Nothing like a child to make us feel good - LOL.

  8. Hi Sue, oh I loooooove reading comments like yours. I think Grandparents are the best thing ever - it's such a special bond between children and their grandparents. It's great that you love taking them to the movies, and you know what? I bet they just love going with you.