Sunday, 11 December 2011

A Roller Coaster, A Christmas Tree, And A Toy Soldier

As the mother of 3 boys you can imagine what my life is surrounded by.  Cricket, dirt, smelly things, cricket, footy, washing that never ends, cricket, more dirt, and more cricket.

Well yesterday I put my foot down.  I told said family that as the only female in the house (other than the cat) it was my day.  They were all coming into the city with me to look at the Christmas decorations and they were going to enjoy it whether they liked it or not.  They were going to admire all the lights and they were going to say "ooooh, ahhhh, aren't they pretty!!!!" 

Of course I could see the joy written all over their faces, in fact I'm sure I heard hubby say "you know there are more of us, we could revolt".  Thankfully he thought better of that extremely quickly. 

So we piled into the car, again with reminders of "you will behave, you will put a smile on your faces, and you will go gaga over the pretty decorations", which of course was met with promises of "yes mum, okay mum".

We parked over at Darling Harbour and caught the roller coaster over to the QVB building.  For those of you that don't have a 6 year old, a roller coaster is actually the monorail.  After 10min of hysterical crying because he didn't want to go on the roller coaster, (what if it fell off the tracks and we all died), the monorail finally arrived and we managed to encourage him drag him kicking and screaming.  Of course after 30sec he loved it and we had to do a full loop before he would allow us to get off at the QVB.

So let me set the scene for you.  We walk into the QVB filled with it's beautiful fairy lights, magnificent tree decorated with swarkovski crystals and the crystal cave where Santa sits.  It starts with the 10+ year old who instantly starts with the "I'm hungry, when are we having afternoon tea" (he just had lunch), a 6 old who's tummy is "killing" him because he is starving (he too had just had lunch), and a husband muttering under his breath about the "crowds".  The baby at this stage is quite happy in his pram, so that is something I suppose.

I "forced" the family to stand in front of the tree and smile for the camera - you can see just how delighted they are. After more whinging re their lack of food they found a model shop full of toy soldiers, trains, cars, planes and anything else that moved which of course they thought was just fabulous.

We left the QVB and the 10+ year says to me, "Mum, that was awesome".  I smiled and said that's great buddy, what did you like the best?  "Oh, easily those little soldiers - did you see them, they were cool!!!"  I thought I might actually self-combust then so he was very quick to add "oh, and the tree was okay too."  Was he seriously trying to tell me the highlight was the hobby shop!!!!

This of course put me in a mood for at least the next hour as I stomped and pouted my way back to the monorail and back to Darling Harbour to find something for dinner.  My husband's idea of trying to cheer me up was to simply shrug his shoulders and say "Well, they are boys". 

Dinner was the usual fun event I have come to expect from dining with a 20month old.  After wandering around Cockle Bay and Harbourside trying to find a restaurant with main meals less than $50 each we finally settled on one over-looking the harbour.  The 10 year old refused point blank to order off the kids menu for $7 so instead he had to order a $20 chicken schnitzel (which he didn't finish), the husband had to order the biggest (and most expensive) steak on the menu, the 6 year old had to insist that his stomach had since died from hunger pains so he couldn't possibly eat now and the 20month old proceeded to throw his food at us while the 10 year old shouted "incoming". 

It was at that point that I thought to myself, why am I even looking at the menu - just bring me the list of alcohol available.

Yet we got thru dinner, broke, but relatively unscathed from flying objects and thought we would go for a stroll over to the playground area.  There was a moment where I thought I would seriously lose the plot when the boys asked what was for dessert because they were hungry, but I was very proud of myself.  I took a deep breath and looked at the "pretty" Christmas tree and instead chose to simply ignore them.

After another loop of the roller coaster the boys saw the sign stating that every Saturday night was fireworks night from 9pm so it was back down to Harbourside to ooh and ahh over the sky as it lit up, while calming the 20month old that everything was okay.

We somehow managed to pile them all back into the car and head home.  All three of them were asleep before we even left the carpark.  I sat back, took a deep breath and thought, "yep, they were pretty cool toy soldiers weren't they."


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  7. ¸.•♥•.¸¸.•♥• Love Purely 4 Kids...well done on sharing things with your boys (and Daddy) other than cricket, dirt and smelly things. They might put up a fight but usually they enjoy being allowed to enjoy those times and share them with you •♥•.¸¸.•♥•.¸