Monday, 28 November 2011

Budding Artists

I posted earlier on Facebook my youngest son's first piece of art.  I was so excited when I picked him up from daycare last week and his carer handed over this beautiful glass creation he had made.  Obviously with a little bit of help - lol, but I'm still telling everyone he made it all by himself.

I am one of those completely hopeless mothers who has to keep every single creation my children make - I just can't help myself.  I honestly thought I was going to be buried alive under a mountain of hand painting and a is for apple when my eldest son started kindergarten.  Every day something would come home and of course I just had to keep it.  

Thankfully from Year 1 onwards they started using workbooks so the amount of work that came home diminished significantly.  Let's not mention the fact that my middle son started Kindergarten this year so of course it started all over again.........argh!!!!!!!

If you ever can't find me just give the crew from Hoarders a call - you will find  me in there somewhere, under that pile.

I did hold an intervention on myself a few years ago and managed to throw out some "artwork". You know the ones.  The reems of computer paper that have one green stripe of paint on them, or the piece of paper with a scribble on it.  Well I did it, I threw them out.  That took care of approximately one 100th of the pieces of paper but it's a start.

I know I have to cull.  Really I do, but I just don't understand how to do it.  How do I decide what to keep when everything looks so cute.  HELP!!!!!!

What do you do with all your children's masterpieces?

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Oooh, That's Pinteresting......You Are My Sunshine.

Inspired by ooh-pinteresting-sunshine-edition here are some of my favourite "Sunshine" pins this week........

 These flowers even look like the sun.

With all this Sydney rain I need to start singing this song......

Just because I love this picture.

What have you found "Pinteresting" this week?

Monday, 21 November 2011

A Very Lucky Mum

As I sit here trying to drown out the sounds of my feral children fighting through every second of their backyard cricket game I'm taking lots of deep breaths and reminding myself how lucky I am to have 3 healthy boys.

I had to take the youngest feral to see a specialist at Westmead Children's the other day. All is fine - he is just a seriously late walker so my GP thought it would be safe to get him checked out.

I always find it such a heart wrenching trip going to Westmead, knowing there are so many children struggling with various illnesses, even worse knowing that some of them may never get better.

It really makes me take a deep breath and just take a moment to realise how truly lucky I am.  Sure they drive me crazy sometimes, and I get frustrated with them.....often......but at the end of the day they are beautiful healthy boys and I am blessed to have them.