Monday, 31 October 2011

Pocket Money

You will notice from my previous rantings that I have THE laziest children to walk the earth. Everything is a drama, an issue, or a saga.

Requests to help with something are met with protests of "Oh what! I just sat down" or as you know, my personal favorite "I have to do everything around here, Dad does nothing". Hah, I still laugh at that one.

I've tried explaining to them that this is what families are all about, helping each other. I've tried reasoning with them that picking up after themselves means I don't have to nag them later in the day. I've tried ignoring the state of their bedroom but when things start growing in there I just have to step in.

I've reassured my eldest that he won't actually die if he misses an over of the 1987 one day match between Australia and Sri Lanka because I've told him to unload the dishwasher - which by the way is his one and only official job he has to do.

I've had so many bursts of enthusiasm where I've been so excited by my fabulous new idea. I've run up to Kikki K and bought Chore Lists and Star Charts. I've designed some myself and bought fun and funky stickers to put on them. All of which have lasted approximately 2.5 days before the novelty has worn off and they are back to simply lounging around the house imitating a dying swan when asked to pick up their PJ's off the floor.

We've had round table family discussions regarding what a wonderful thing pocket money is. How they can actually earn money by doing jobs around the house. How they can save up this money and put it in the bank for something really big they may want later. I've even suggested they can spend the whole lot on lollies and follow up dentist care for all I care - something has to resonate with these boys surely.

But no, the offer of money didn't work either for more than 1 week. After said week, Sunday rolled around - they didn't ask for their pocket money, which really irritated me as I had my whole speech planned out as to why they wouldn't be getting any money that week. Instead I had to make a point of announcing to everyone that "oh and by the way, I was going to give you your pocket money this week but because you didn't do your jobs without whinging, fighting and carrying on like pork chops (still don't actually know how a pork chop carries on, but anyway) you miss out." Well that worked. They both just looked at me blankly, muttered something like "oh what!" and then ran outside to play cricket. Arghhhhhhhh

So, now I've resorted to Plan B (or is it J by now). The reverse pocket money plan - where I can actually earn some money from them. Here is my latest brainchild that I'm super excited about this week, and I just know that unlike all my other attempts, this is the one. This is to going work. How can it not!

At the beginning of the week I give them each $10 in cold hard cash which they then have to put straight into their wallets. There are reminders of all the wonderful things they can save up for (apparently an Xbox is on the agenda) and then they are off. BUT ......the beauty of this little scheme is that if they don't do their jobs and help out around the house, or they fight with each other, or they refuse to keep their bedroom inhabitable then they have to pay me. Don't you love it!!!! I earnt $1.50 yesterday because one of them insisted on spending the entire 10min game of backyard cricket antagonising his brother while the other whinged, cried and generally acted like a 2 year old (he's 10) because he had to pick up 5 things off his bedroom floor. Ah the power!!

Ask me in another week how my little plan is going........I have big hopes for his one.

Do you give your kids pocket money?  Are they prepared to help out around the house?


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  1. Love it Amanda! I too did exactly plan A with my children, when they were around 7 and 8 yrs (they are only 15months apart) I would buy gorgeous little stationary treats( 2 girls) and stickers etc....wrap up little parcels and have around 6 lucky dips all wrapped beautifully at the end of the week when they got all their stars they could pick from the lucky dip -this worked really well for around a year...because the youngest (lazybones) would not get her stars and the eldest (miss goodie two shoes and perfectionist) always did which would irritate the youngest so then the following week the youngest would lift her game knowing she was missing out on such a treat! Then we went onto pocket money - and it worked with the eldest really well but not so good for the youngest turning into a teen and saying "you dont need money to be happy", "money is overated" -"I only buy op shop clothes" and the list went on - now they are 20 (still works hard and loves earning money and is very tidy) and the 18 1/2 yr old does not care for work as for all the above reasons and is sloth in her room - Things have not changed a bit! But then we have little Ruby (6) to try my new experiments on - having experienced those contrasting 2 girls - Ruby is also lazy, but loves money!!! mmm, be interesting to see how this one turns out!

    I love your $10 plan with deductions - cannot wait to hear the end balances!!! hehehehehehhee - very clever mummy!

  2. Love it - amazing how different our kids can be. I am having serious doubts that any of boys understand saving - the only thing they seem to understand is spending....oops....I wonder where they get from????