Sunday, 30 October 2011

My 16 Year Old Self

I don't normally buy magazines but I was drawn to this month's edition of the Women's Weekly as I'm a huge fan of Asher Keddie and Offspring, I just love it.

This month there is a really interesting article/interview with the author Di Morrissey.  She's written a letter to her 16 year old self.  It got my thinking.  Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing to be able to do.  To know what we know now and yet still be 16 again.  To be able to tell ourselves that everything is going to be okay - eventually.

I know if I could sit down and write my 16 year old self a letter it would be pretty confrontational.  I would want to tell myself that I am a much stronger person than I realise.  That I am a survivor.  I look back at what has happened in my life the last 18 months, and I know without a shadow of a doubt, at the age of 16, if you'd told me what was going to lie ahead for me I would have told you that you were crazy.  I would have thought I could never survive, but I have. 

I would tell myself I will have a wonderful husband, 3 beautiful boys, but I will lose my beloved brother to suicide when my youngest son is only 3 weeks old, I will lose my grandmother who I adored more than you can possibly imagine because she will never recover from the loss of her grandson, that it will feel like my whole world has ended.  But you know what, 18 months on, I'm here, and I'm standing and I'm surviving.  Actually, that's not true.  I'm not just surviving, I'm living. 

For those of you that read my blog you'll know I generally try and put humour in my writing.  I love to laugh at my life and my kids and have fun with all the crazy antics that go along with being mum to 3 boys.  But today, after reading that article, I felt I had to write this, and for that I hope you will forgive me for the more serious tone than normal. It's what was right for me today.  Tomorrow is another day and I'm sure it will come with lots of fun and laughter again.  Ooooh, and lollies and chocolate.  It is Halloween after all.

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If you could sit down and write your 16 year old self a letter, what would you say?


  1. Thanks Amanda for sharing - so sorry to hear about your brother - you must have been shocked to the core! There would be alot of similar stuff that I would say to my 16 year old self - I had to leave home at this age due to shocking parenting and I too survived - I was also told I would be a nothing, too stupid, too everything that was negative and damaging - but they were wrong.....Its been a tough and spiralling road at times and some brilliant times as well - But the most important thing is living and being here and celebrating each day we have xx

  2. Thanks Jo, it was certainly a horrible time.
    Thank you too for sharing. Wow, 16 seems so young when I look back, such a young age to leave home. Obviously this was the best thing for you and you definitely showed them they were completely wrong.