Friday, 28 October 2011

Justin Beiber Has A Lot To Answer For

Now I know I shouldn't complain, it could be worse.  I could be dealing with posters of Justin Beiber plastered to the bedroom walls or wincing at his name being tattooed into an arm in Biro.  I'll leave that joy to all you mums out there with girls.

In our household we are dealing with what we term the "Beiber" flick.  I had to laugh when my parents visited from interstate recently and asked me if Harrison had developed a twitch.  No, no twitch, just a flick.  The Beiber flick.  It's basically an excuse for my son to grow his hair so long that I can almost put it in a ponytail while he continuously "flicks" it out of eyes "Beiber" style.

Now I suppose I should fess up and take some of the responsibility here.  I do like his hair a little longer, as opposed to the current "mop" look.  And I must admit, between work, the kid's school commitments, band commitments, sporting commitments, birthday parties and the fact that I have a 19 month old who will sit still for approx 3.5seconds, it's not always easy to actually find the time to take the boys to the hairdresser, but seriously, this is now out of control.

I actually wondered last week if maybe there was a colony of extinct animals living in there that had set up home thinking it was a safe haven.  I say safe haven because I'm sure the mop never gets washed.  Showers are clearly just for thinking when it comes to boys.  When they are simply standing under the water, arms folded staring aimlessly into space that's what I assume they are doing.  The number of times I've had to yell out to them to turn the shower off before they empty Warragamba Dam........argh, don't get me started - that's a whole other blog.

Anyway, I am now pleased to report that Beiber is now gone.  We went to the local barber and the "mop" has now been replaced with a No. 4 short back and sides with just enough growth on top to "spike it up mum" with gel.

Of course, this brings with it a whole other set of issues.  Mainly the fact that now he does actually have a twitch because he's so used to flicking that stupid fringe that it's become a habit - can you believe it?  Seriously, we're walking through the shops after said haircut and he's flicking an invisible fringe!!!!

But there are other new found issues now.  "Mum, how can I wear my school hat, it will flatten my hair", followed by "is my hair still spikey, is it?  It hasn't gone flat has it?"  Truly, can someone just shoot me now.....PLEASE!!!!
Let's not forget of course the incessant whinging that then follows from my 6 year old.  "Why can't I have hair cut too?  Why can he have spikey hair and I can't?  That's not fair!!!!"  After a number of deep breaths I then try and explain to my darling 6 year old boy that unlike his older brother he has very curly hair which means unless he wants to go with a buzz-cut look he can't have his hair spikey because lopped off stumpy little curls just won't stick up!!!!
Who said dealing with girl's hair was hard?

Please share with me your fun-filled kid's hair stories.  Please, I need a laugh.  I need to know that you too share my pain........PLEASE.


  1. Hey A
    Think yourself lucky. I have "Sexy Santa" (remember its halloween) to deal with. Soon enough it will all be about protein and how big his muscles can get and how often he can get to the gym. Then the notes from girls come home - thats another story in itself. Thank your lucky stars its only about the hair at the moment. Having been there and done that believe me it only gets worse. Where is the wine I need some now.

  2. That's very funny Amanda! I thought having 3 girls was tough! But, how cute are they??? Jo

  3. Sexy Santa? Do I dare ask? Argh please don't frighten me.

  4. Thank you Jo. I'm now trying to remind them of all the reasons why they are not allowed to play cricket inside....again......