Sunday, 28 August 2011

Time to Get the Whites Out.

Another season of winter sport has just come to an end in our family.  We now have our Sunday morning sleep-ins back (yeah) and the big thick winter coats used to stop us freezing on the sidelines can be put away for another year.

It's a great feeling for me because its the signal that Spring is just around the corner, but its a bit of a sad time too because it also means the mateship of the footy team is broken up for 6 months.

I love watching the kids all take to training each week and play like a real team of mates every Sunday out on the footy field.  They all look out for each other and they all genuinely get on.  It's great to see.  Then the footy season comes to an end, and for most of them, it means they don't see each other until next season.

The weekends now start to fill up with summer sport and the kids from the cricket team are all reunited.  Its so funny to watch how kids can just hook back up again like best mates each season.  It's such a great quality.

As a house full of boys for us it means pulling out the cricket "whites", which generally aren't so white anymore, digging out the hats and hoping we've still got some sunscreen in the cupboard that isn't out of date.

Yep, Spring is definitely on its way.


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