Thursday, 4 August 2011

Mum That Was So Embarrassing

Whoops.  For those of you that follow us on Facebook you will already be aware of my latest little faux pas.  It was school photo day at school yesterday for the group photos, ie sports, band that sort of thing.

Harrison is now 10 and was going to have his photo taken for the cricket team and the footy team plus the school band.

Now, Mother of the Year here (NOT), thought I was so organised to actually remember that they were having group photos taken let alone remember to pack his school sports uniform in his bag for him.

Let's not discuss the fact that I remembered at 7am that I hadn't washed the said sports uniform - nothing a quick blitz thru the washing machine and into the dryer wouldn't fix.  All was still fine.

So off we went to school.  Have a great day boys - have fun, see you after school............

Well apparently all was not fine according to my 10 year old who was not at all happy to see me when I picked him up from school.  I was instantly greeted with "Good one mum, you packed me Cohen's size 4 sports pants for the photos!!!!! OMG - that was so embarrassing!!".  Of course my instant response was to laugh.  Well I actually thought it was funny.  Apparently no, Harrison didn't find it funny at all.  Whoops.

Whilst trying to compose myself and stifle more laughter I apologised to my poor mortified son and asked him what he ended up doing.  His response was to tell me that he had to still wear them, he just un-did the draw string as much as he could and wore them around his hips.  Sorry, but it was too hard to stifle the laughter after that image got in my head.  My big tall 10 year old running around in his brother's size 4 shorts - a future Warrick Capper in the making.

Yes, another notch on my road to Mother of the Year glory.

Would love to hear your embarrassing stories you've subjected your kids to.  Please tell me I'm not alone here.


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