Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Winter Thoughts

Ok, I admit I'm not a big fan of winter, but I thought it was about time I tried to be a bit more positive about the whole thing seen as we still have a while to go before Spring pays us a visit.

I asked everyone what are some of their favourite things about winter.  Reading through some the comments it actually made me realise there are some things to like about winter.

Hot Chocolate - yum
Pumpkin Soup
Comfort Food like casseroles
Roast Dinners
Sticky Date Pudding

Hmm, does anyone see a pattern forming - I seem to be a little obsessed with food.........

Well, there are also log fires - done safety of course, and as one of our Facebook friends mentioned, staying indoors when there is a storm, and warm coats and boots - have to agree with that.

My mind seems to be drifting back to food again...........

What are your favourite things from winter?


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  1. I love winter! Home made pies; rugging up and going to the coast to watch the storms roll in and trying to spot humpback whales migrating north; wearing lovely scarves, gloves, hats and wraps; lazy days inside reading a book snuggled under a blanket or venturing outside to seek out any bit of sun you can find. And, I was born in winter - it's wonderful!

  2. Ooooh, I love that. That sounds like the perfect winter.........