Sunday, 19 June 2011

School Holiday Fun

School holidays often fill mums with dread.  I personally tend to fluctuate between joy and terror.
I think it's the idea of school holidays I love.  The idea of less frantic mornings really appeals to me.  Not having to make school lunches, sign notes, iron school uniforms etc.  Plus not having to fight the traffic.
Of course, then reality starts to set in.  Ok, I have to go to work, what will I do with the kids?  The grandparents all live interstate and there's a limit to how many times you can stretch a friendship.  I ha\ the luxury of being able to work from home occasionally, and then I end up negotiating with 3 boys whilst still trying to be productive. 
I'm still remaining positive by this stage though.  There are so many fun things I can do with the boys to keep them occupied.  We can go to the park, to a museum, to the library, do some craft activities, go to the shops.  Oh that's right, then reality sets in again.
The park.....anyone who knows me knows that I have a bad allergy to any form of exercise so a trip to the park ends up with me having to run around after 3 boys, kicking footballs, climbing trees, when I'd rather be sitting there quietly reading a book. So that sort of shatters that illusion.
The museum......My enthusiastic squeals of "boys, wow, look at this dinosaur, how exciting" are met with grunts of "mmmm, yep, I'm hungry, is it lunchtime yet?  Can we go to the shop and buy something?"  Ok, so another illusion shattered.
Library......So this starts with "can I borrow this, and this, and can I borrow this one too?", which then ends up in a debate as to why you can't borrow 35 books at once, and no I didn't set the rules regarding how many books you are allowed to borrow.  This of course is then followed up with, "I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, and can we buy something from the coffee shop?"  Right, so next illusion gone.
Craft Activities......Now this is fun!  The boys get so excited.  They pull everything out.  We get out their Usborne book of 4million things to make out of stuff, pick something, ok so this can take an hour, and then we are all ready to create.  Yes, a fun activity we can do together.  Only the novelty for them runs out after 10min and I look up to find them outside kicking the football around.  That's alright I tell myself, they're just taking a break.  Thing is, they still haven't returned from the break they took last school holidays when we last decided to tackle a craft project.
Okay, so let's get out of the house then and go to the shops.  We can have lunch, do some window shopping, maybe buy some books to read.....yep......another illusion shattered because it ends up with the boys running around, whining that one looked at the other one funny, one pushed the other one, then they're hungry, then thirsty and then the "can I have.......can I have........can I have" starts until I see a flash of the obvious and remember to myself why I would rather stick sharp pencils in my eyes than go shopping with my children.  Yes, there goes that illusion too.  There is a reason I shop online.
Ah, school or terror?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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